I started boxing waaay back in 1999. I found the Nanaimo Boxing Club in the phone book... yep, long before we had a website! I was 13 and fell in love with boxing immediately. After competing for four years, I hit the books and started a career. I'm excited to join the coaching team and help kids learn the sweet science. 

The discipline and focus required to box helps build character, self respect, and self esteem. I owe a lot of my own success because of boxing. I'm excited to continue to pass along the knowledge I gained from former head coaches Barry Creswell and Les Varro. 

Rocky Minhas

I started boxing when I was 21 and have had 25 amateur fights, fighting at the Provincial level twice. 

Throughout my journeys in the sport, boxing provided opportunites for personal growth and discovery. The workouts, victories and defeats taught me great life lessons beyond the four corners. As I am finishing my education degree, it is fitting that I bring my vocation for teaching into the gym where I can contribute to others' journeys of discovery and empowerment as a coach. In sum, I am excited to give back to the sport.

Jamie Williams

The first time I stepped into a boxing gym, I knew I was home. My interest in the sport started later in my life, but I instantly fell in love and was dedicated to train for my first fight at 37... and then a few more after that. 

Overwhelmingly, I was always humbled by the boxing community and the support I've been given. As I got to know Barry Creswell, it was apparent that he had touched many lives in Nanaimo throughout the decades. I'm excited to carry on the legacy, for the adventures ahead and how I can help foster a healthy and safe place for people to come train. 

Trish Harder


I started competing when I was 13 for the Nanaimo Boxing Club. By the time I was 18, I had won the Provincials 4 times and earned a bronze, silver and gold medal at the Nationals. I also competed for Team Canada at the international level.

The Nanaimo Boxing Club was an outlet for me as a youth and provided important mentorship I couldn't find elsewhere. I hope to carry on this tradition and to pass on the knowledge I have gained to help teach our community the art of boxing.

Stefan Melideo